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What is the Next Step?

Australian Migration is not an easy process. Allow us the opportunity to assess your suitability to migrate to Australia. Please select the appropriate assessment category, complete the questionnaire and automatically email your assessment form to us. If for some reason you cannot complete and send the assessment form please click here to email your comprehensive resume.

The first step is to find out if you meet the basic requirements.
Would you like us to assess your qualifications?
If so, please send us your comprehensive résumé outlining your work experience, educational attainment and your age.

What happens after assessment?

We will advise you of your visa options.
We will provide you with an estimate of our professional fees.
We will provide you with the cost of visa fees and other government charges.
We will answer any other questions you may have relating to your case.

If you wish to continue and file an application to migrate to Australia a contract will be forwarded to you which will need to be signed by both parties, MMSA, and you, our valued customer.

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