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Raquel Darantinao
Visitor (Class A)
Approved: February 2015
Mr. and Mrs. Balla
Subclass 119
Approved: July 2012

Paul Simon Go
Subclass - 457
Approved: July 2012
Jesusa Camacho
Approved: June 2012

Maria Theresa Guevarra
Subclass - 300
Approved: May 2012
Romulo Borja
Subclass - 572
Approved: April 2012

Eva Cenas
Subclass - 119
Approved: March 2012
Roberto Caniza
Subclass - 119
Approved: March 2012

Mary Jane Fabillar
Subclass - 300
Approved: February 2012
Ernald Parugrug
Subclass - 119
Approved: February 2012

Myla Marentes
Subclass 300 - Partner Visa approved on 05 August 2011
Ariel Salinas
Subclass - 119
Approved: July 2011

Adel Montero – Skilled Visa 475
approved on 23 May 2011
Pete Cuenca & Family
Subclass 176 - Skilled Independent
approved on 17 February 2011

Hi, Estelle,

God is so good and I thank HIM for giving you to us, helping us in our journey here in Australia. MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT for all the assistance, guidance, encouragement and patience. I told you before that you are not only our agent but our angel as well! Tito and I commend the professionalism you both showed in every inch of the way. All the best and more power. This will not be the end but just a beginning of ...more recommendations! See you around!!!

Hilde Ang

Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa

Dear Estelle,


We are very thankful for your professionalism inhelping us facilitating all the documents and formalities you have extended to us. We are so glad about all the guidance and assistance you had given. Without your effort maybe we could not avail those opportunity in migrating to Australia.

On behalf of my brothers, Aunties and my family, once again we thank you and the whole team who have worked so hard to achieve the goal. More power to you and to whole family. God bless!

Peterson C. Jimenez


Catherine Bacudo – Student Visa to Australia approved on 11 April 2011
Zenaida B. Tagnipis –Student Visa to Australia approved on 14 April 2011
Clair Colcol – Granada – Student Visa to Australia approved on 24 March 2011

Thank you to Estelle McNally and Staff (Arlene) at McNally Migration Solutions for doing such a great job. Thanks to their relentless work, they have been successful in bringing my sister in law and her family to Australia. I highly recommend McNally Migration Solutions to anyone considering applying for Australian visas.

Mayla Higgins

From Working Visa to Permanent Visa -
Employer Nomination Scheme

Dear Mrs. McNally,

The visa grant letter was indeed a great present for the family! Thank you so much for everything! Merry Christmas and may you have a blessed new year!

More successful years for you!

Respectfully yours,



Maricelle Siason – Australia
awaits Maricelle after she receives her student visa.
Judy Berou – all smiles after receiving her student visa.

22 June 2010

Dear Estelle,

Good day!

This is to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and the rest of your staff for the part you played in making our long-time dream to migrate to Australia a reality.

All we could remember of you is your generosity and professionalism as you have extended no less than the prompt and professional assistance as well as gave us timely and very relevant advice ever since we have acquired your services. The past year had been a very challenging time for visa applicants like me as there had been lots of changes in migration policies from time to time. By facilitating the online lodgement of our application for a GSM subclass 475 (Skilled Regional Sponsored) visa, you have helped in enabling us to monitor the status of our application in real time.

McNally Migration Solutions has been instrumental in my success in Australia.  McNally Migration Solutions is a very reputable company in Australia and overseas.

My association with Estelle McNally and McNally Migration Solutions started when my short-stay business visa was lodged (subclass 456).  I arrived in Australia in November 2003 to be interviewed by a prospective employer.  I was offered a job and when I needed to lodge an application for a long stay business visa (subclass 457), it was again Estelle McNally and McNally Migration Solutions who handled the visa application process.  I came back to Australia and I settled in Victoria and moved to Western Australia.

In January 2006, I received my professional license as a registered nurse in Victoria and Western Australia.  Then I received my permanent residency in January 2007.  I am happily settled with my husband and my two children in Western Australia.

I called on Estelle McNally’s services again when I needed to sponsor my sister, as an Orphan Relative.  I knew it was a difficult case, but I did not have any doubt in Estelle’s expertise and professionalism.  My sister’s visa was approved on the 4th January 2008.

I would also like to add that we received a nice Christmas present when Estelle McNally informed us that the tourist visas of my father in law (62 years old)  and my mother in law (63 years old) were approved.  They were approved for a one-year tourist visa, with no bond money requirement.  They arrived in Australia on 30th December 2007 and we enjoyed celebrating the New Year with them.

I would like to thank Estelle McNally and the staff of McNally Migration Solutions for all the kindness and support.  I do not know how to repay you, but I will always pray for you.  May you continue to help others.  Keep up the good work. Mabuhay po kayo!

Western Australia

Dear Ms. Estelle,

Every person dreams of a better future for their family - that is of migrating to another country and have better opportunities, I was one of those.

When I started to plan my quest for greener pastures, I discovered there were a lot of migration consultants who were operating in my country and in Australia. I soon realized that there were some consultants who do not deliver what they promise.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation to McNally Migration Solutions (in particular to Estelle McNally), for being very professional in giving assistance and accomodating from the time I started my application until my visa was granted.

I look forward to my new life and new adventures - here I come Melbourne!

Again, thank you very much for a job well done and I'm looking forward to seeing you again and hopefully for a cup of coffee or tea! May God bless you!

Respectfully yours,

Ma. Liza M. de Leon (Manila, Philippines)

Firstly, thanks to Almighty God! (",)

Secondly, we are very thankful also for your professionalism in helping my sister obtain her visa; we couldn't get this thing going without your guidance and assistance, and our family really appreciates it.

We are really ecstatic at this moment with this good news, and we hope and pray that you could help more people and our kababayans doing their "Exodus" to Australia!

God bless and Warm regards!


When my sister, who is an Australian citizen, suggesedt that I attend one of Estelle McNally's seminar in the Philippines, I felt hesitant because I have attended so many seminars on immigration in the past.  After meeting Estelle and her husband, Phil, in person, I felt comfortable with them right away.  I felt the assurance that I am into something. Through emails and phone calls, and with Estelle's high level of professionalism and very efficient work relationship with clients, I felt secure that Estelle can deliver well.  With my two boys, we would now be migrating to Australia and would be settling in Victoria.  Thanks Estelle for a job well done!


Dear Estelle,

McNally Migration Solutions made our dream a reality! From the time we started our visa application, our documents were facilitated very quickly and before we knew it I received an email to say that the assessment was positive. Within a few months, we received another email to say that the visa application was successful and the visas for my family can be evidenced on our passport. Everytime we received an email from Estelle, she would always provide us with an update or she would provide us with positive news. On behalf of my wife and my children, thank you Estelle for the excellent work. We would be recommending you to our friends..

Calamba City
Now a resident of Melbourne, Australia

McNally Migration Solutions processed the application of my brother. My brother had previously applied for skilled migration, but the first application was denied. I consulted with Estelle because of her excellent reputation in the Filipino-Australian community. The visa has now been finalized and we are looking forward to being reunited with my brother and his family in July 2004.


Hi Estelle - Many thanks for your email regarding the approval of my daughter's visa application. It is really a wonderful gift from Jesus on Mother's day. I'm so thankful to God and to all of you who have worked so hard to achieve this result. Yes, indeed hard work does pay.

Congratulations to yourself and your team!!

With best wishes and a big God Bless!


For efficient processing and top of the line migration advice, I am recommending Estelle McNally. With her help we will join my brother in Sydney this year (2004). My brother is now an Australian citizen and has been doing well since he migrated to Australia in 2000. Australia has become one of the best countries for migrants to prosper and I can’t wait to go there and become a better provider for my wife, our son, and our future children. As the saying goes – “Don’t worry about tonight, it’s already tomorrow in Australia” Thank you very much Estelle!

Manila, Philippines

When we requested Ms. Estelle to process my son’s visa application as a skilled migrant, two outstanding qualities stood out – her high level of professionalism and her very efficient work relationship with clients. Once the papers/documents are given to her, she can deliver the output as scheduled. She immediately responds to our questions and gives enlightening advice. My son felt secure that his papers were being handled well. It is now May 2004, and he is now ready to migrate with his family to New South Wales. We did not anticipate this would happen so soon. We are so pleased that other members of the family are now considering migrating to Australia. Thanks, Estelle, for a job well done!


It gives me pleasure to recommend Estelle McNally. Estelle did an excellent job in preparing my husband’s application as a tradesperson (shoemaker) for skilled migration. We received our visas in August 2003. We have found employment and have settled into our new home.

New South Wales

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